Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crackle: American Idol

I hate to start this blog on a negative subject, but...

Dear American Idol,

Please stop torturing me and go off the air. I actually don't watch your show, but I'm tired of hearing about it! I have discovered that a majority of this seasons contestants have had various (failed) record deals in the past. WTF? I thought your shows premise was to discover new artists, not try and reinstate failed ones?

How do we know your true intentions Idol? How do we know that you and the record labels aren't working together to get their failed artists new exposure? I just don't think I can trust you... actually the only thing that slightly appeals to me is that you have Paula Abdul as a judge, because who doesn't like to see that hot tranny mess?

But also, aren't the majority your previous winners getting dropped from their labels like crazy? I'll give you Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson because they have amazing voices, but other then that (and Paula) you need to go away.

And take Ryan Seacrest with you.

That is all.

Snap, Crackle n Pop: A Synopsis

Hello Readers,

Today marks my first attempt to enter the world that is blogging! I've been tweaking ideas for months on what subject I want to discuss... I knew that I wanted to discuss current pop media, but the route in which to do that was what left me stumped. I had originally thought about calling the blog "Well Played," and giving props to ironic situations in pop culture, but then I discovered that those brilliant girls at had already coined that phrase with a similar meaning (only more focused on the fashion choices of various celebutantes .) So then I came up with the name of Snap, Crackle n pop. The concept is pretty basic: Snap is given to the subject if it pertains to something positive, Crackle if it's negative, n Pop because the subject will usually deal with something in the pop culture arena.

Some of the posts will be long and some will be short, but I promise to stay on top of the postings and commit myself to two posts a week while I get started. If the response is positive then I'll try to step up my game a bit, but I don't want to make promises so early. haha. Hope everyone enjoys!